Pixel Art Free Online Games Arcade - Pixel Games http://www.pixelgames.com/ - en-us House http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2308/House.html This is the most updated version o this game at Update 1.2.1. Nothing really is added to the core gameplay with this update but there are lots of bug fixes. In this game, Tabby finds herself falling into an uneasy sleep. She listening to the creaking floorboards of the house. The midnight hour comes, twists and splits open the House! Samhain Fever http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2307/Samhain-Fever.html Happy Halloween indeed! This is a tribute to the spooktacular day and it is named Samhain Fever! This is an old school arcade game. What you are going to do is collect key items and avoid horrible ghosts. These ghosts run by a huge number so better come prepared! MAKE IT as an artist http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2306/MAKE-IT-as-an-artist.html Are you going to make it as an starving artist? This game is up currently on Steam Greenlight, where you can vote for games to get published on that platform. Now, what is this game? Is this artsy? Is it ugly? It is artsy and it is not ugly. This is the most realistic artist simulation of all time. The pixels are wonderful everything is great and controls really well. JUGGERNAUT II: Uprising http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2305/JUGGERNAUT-II%3A-Uprising.html Seven years (in-game / narrative years not actual years) since the events of the first Juggernaut game and the hero is still seeking for answers. In the the time between all of these, he learned of another ordeal involving a young girl being kidnapped by a machine and he is more than convinced that tehre is lot to be uncovered still. Frog Fable http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2304/Frog-Fable.html It started with a mundane task: milk. We all know buying milk is not a simple task especially in this particular world filled with all the evil and the magical frogs. There are also fireball-throwing ants! How cool, or hot, is that right?! Frog Fable is an action RPG with a bullet-hell gaming mechanics. A House in California http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2303/A-House-in-California.html California, by itself, is not known to be the go-to location if you want an adventure. But look at it now, in this game; four friends are about to embark on a drastically moving adventure to bring a house in California to life! Play now so that you can experience one of the best, if not the best point-and-click pixelated-style! The Guardian http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2301/The-Guardian.html Come on PlayGamesPro, let's get sickening! This is a short video game story about a certain boy and his little guardian. Welp, is this the The Last Guardian? The game is yet to be released but here we are with a game that will remind you of it. It is not just the gameplay that shines in this game but also its extremely atmospheric music! Uporot'sya http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2300/Uporot_sya.html Uporot'sya is a game that should confuse you since nothing is really given outright, everything is hidden behind something. So you better work! You are turned into a developer by some wizard and you ought to complete it within 24 hours. Can you do it? Will you do it? Do you understand the question? Rock Rush: Classic III http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2298/Rock-Rush%3A-Classic-III.html Yes, another classic game. This is the third title of the series, well, that should be obvious. You must dig through the bug-infested caves and go dodge boulders, trigger magic walls and collect diamonds that are forever. There are lots of challenges that the Rock Rush games imposes on the players. Blitzer http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2297/Blitzer.html You must kill hundreds of mini robots! You have the Blitzer and use it for the entire cause! In this unique game--such procedurally generated maps. Of course, you should be very cautious when you here these buzz words. However, this is PlayGamesPro, we choose the best games for you! Nightrider Turbo http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2296/Nightrider-Turbo.html One of the best decisions you have ever made, no, not the fact that you visited this site. But having to drive a car in the middle of the night when you failed to check it out for repairs or do some maintenance. This time, you have to make sure that you do not die. MightyRetroZero -Arkanoid http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2292/MightyRetroZero--Arkanoid.html There is a standalone version of this game. There is a public Alpha for this game. Anyway, Mighty Retro Zero is a minimalistic game where you can control a tiny player who looks like Megaman with all the reference of the Olden Age of the pixel games era. There are three modes for this game that were planned, none of it in this version. Return to Earth http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2288/Return-to-Earth.html Alpha phase and but look at those pixelated gorgeousness! The author is still taking recommendations and feedback and if you feel to contribute to the betterment of this promising game; go ahead, have fun, and don't be shy. This is a Metroidvania inspired sci-fi action game! Get Witchy http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2287/Get-Witchy.html Halloween is over? But it is not over for you! Here, you can now become the witch that you wanted to be. This is some good rendition of the game you loved three years ago. You must avoid some ghosts and collect some candy! This is a cute little kam made in celebration of the season! Happy Halloween, a little late, but who is keeping score? Vintage Game Shop http://www.pixelgames.com/game/2286/Vintage-Game-Shop.html This may not be technically a pixel game due to the graphics. But there are lots of things in this game that is worthy of being a pixel game. Here, you are a vintage shop owner and the people are selling you their vintage games, consoles, and other forms of gaming memorabilia. Can you handle them all?